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Following C.D.C. guidelines for restaurants:

We are requiring our guests to continue wearing masks when entering & exiting the restaurant AND while away from their table.  

Hand washing/sanitizing is mandatory with increased frequency for all members of our staff. 

Any product received is thoroughly cleaned as soon as it’s accepted into our building. All delivery drivers and vendors are asked to wear masks. 

All linen is laundered daily by High Country Linen using their Green Chemistry Award Program & received in sealed plastic containers.

We have QR codes available to help guests view menu & beverage lists on our website through their own phones and electronic devices.

For any additional questions, please reach out here


Despite a decrease in our table capacity, we are doing our best to accommodate as many guests as possible by kindly asking everyone to adhere to the following duration of seating times:

All Tables:

1-4 guests = 2 hours

5-6 guests = 2 1/2 hours 

7-10 guests = 3 hours

*If you are more than 15 minutes late to your reservation, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation in order to ensure that we minimize the amount of waiting parties.

We aim to be a cashless environment when possible.


A new technology has been installed at our restaurant to further help fight COVID-19 . Ultraviolet (UV) light is featured in a brand-new heating and cooling (HVAC) system helping improve the indoor air quality within the restaurant.

The UV lights are located within the new air handling units on the roof of our building and will sanitize air as it passes through the system, replacing the air within the entire restaurant every 25 minutes.

In addition to this upgrade, we have also installed a separate UV ceiling fan in our Private Dining Room to provide a clean air system through UV-C technology and increased airflow.

For more specific information and studies regarding this technology: Fresh-Aire UV

 A study reported in Science Daily has found a far conventional UV (far-UVC) light killed more than 99.9% of seasonal coronavirus in airborne droplets. Additional study here: Science Daily

 For more information regarding the UV-C Fan in our Private Dining Room: