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Nick Versace

Sous Chef

Born in Louisiana and raised in New Jersey, Nick’s introduction to cooking, like many of us, came as mom’s helper in the kitchen. Grating cheese & peeling potatoes meant the world to him and he soon graduated to making Sunday french toast for the family. Nick’s father, a bartender, introduced him to his profession by bringing his son along to help open the restaurant. Ever curious and rambunctious, Nick was often found in the kitchen, enamored in watching the chef butchering whole fish. So, at age 15, Nick made his career choice and worked hard in several kitchens allowing him to eventually gain a position out West cooking for the prodigious Yellowstone Club in Montana. 

Nick’s love of the outdoors led him to Jackson, joining our restaurant in 2017. He has survived a battle with Hemophilia & learned a variety of responsibilities to earn his position as our Sous Chef.